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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Well I went out last night . . .

To tell the truth it's actually still tonight - though late into tomorrow by the hour clock.

It was a fun night. I had dry cards almost all night. I did hit AA, KK and QQ each once - and each one held up! I also hit three sets of which one was cracked by a flush draw without the right odds to draw. The big thing was I didn't donk off my chips at all. I stayed solid and conservative - winning or having good cards with each showdown.

I had an interesting hand that set up a profitable play later in the evening. I found pocket nines in middle position. I entered raising with my standard bet. I had several callers but everyone to the button folded so I was always last to bet. The flop came J x x with two clubs. Checks around and I quickly bet $20. Fold fold to Sam, the erstwhile host and proprietor of the establishment. Sam had a huge stack - at least $800 in front of him. He calls - as he is wont to do. Turn was a Kh. Sam checks to me, and sensing trouble, I check back. River's nothing, Sam looks at me, checks, and I flip over my nines. He nods acknowledgement that I was at least showing some strength, then wins the pot with his QJ. The interesting part came about an hour later.

The place had emptied, Angus, Smiley, Sarge and a few come and goes had all busted out and headed home. I was late position and found Q7, both clubs. Ninety eight times out of one hundred I throw it away right there. This time I enter raising. Fold, fold, call, call, call, including Sam - who wil have to act before me. Flop is J 9 3 with two clubs amd a heart. Check, check, bet from Sam, $5, call, I raise to $20. Fold, insignificant new guy calls, Sam calls, fold. Turn is another heart. Check, Sam, looking a little uneasy, bets $50. I hem and haw and finally call - looking to raise on the river on any club. The river falls a heart though Sam immediately checks. I am caught off balance a bit and am playing with my chips. To give my self a moment I break down the stack of blacks I am riffling into bet sized chunks. Then, bursting with anticipation, I push $60 into the pot. Sam overtly shudders - $60 is actually pretty small here - and it is setting off all kinds of warning bells. I don't generally bluff - a fact he is well aware of - and I could conceivably have all kinds of hands that could beat him here. He talks out loud to himself, remembering all the times I had shown down hands. Finally he mucks for want of a $60 call into a $208 pot, after thoroughly convincing himself that he was beaten.

I smiled, enigmatically, and mucked my hand, and dragged the chips.

Not a feat to be attempted lightly, or often.

All in all a great buildup for the weekend. Kudos to Carol for helping me find time to practice. The big tournament in Vegas is only a few days away.

Hours Played 6
Net winnings +$420
Hours Played 161
Year to date net of expenses + $4851.00
Hourly rate + $30.13


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