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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nothing too exciting

Made the trek to play in the tournament - I need the practice to get ready for the weekend.

Busted out of the tournament early - not from lack of skill but because the first prize was only $150 - and the play was sooo slow. Also there was a juicy cash game starting up and I wanted to grab a seat.

Some old new faces in the game - Mr. Sub and friend. Sam and Bboy, Couch, Smiley and new guy made up the table. I was pumped, then proceeded to lose my first $80 in a heartbeat. I rebought, then proceeded to get cold decked for the rest of the evening. I ran two bluffs successfully and also won a bit on a flush draw call getting 5:1 on my money. Most of the time though was fold, call - fold, check - fold, fold fold fold fold.

Time for bed.

Hours Played 4
Net winnings +$60
Hours Played 165
Year to date net of expenses + $4911.00
Hourly rate + $29.86


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