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Monday, June 05, 2006

More details on life

The airline industry has recently been cutting back on the number of flight they operate in a bid to boost profits. While I applaud the macroeconomic and environmental aspects of this strategy I have to admit that this is one area of productivity gain that is hitting me right in the middle seat. Airplanes are decidely more crowded these days. My strategy of flying economy on red eyes has backfired recently. I used to be able to guarantee myself a complete row but lately all I am guaranteed is a middle seat in a non-reclining aisle. Time to start using that online advance seat selection option.

I am going to be busy planning my summer this week. We have quite a bit happening over the next few months. The first event is a short trip into Vegas this weekend. Carol and I are heading down with a bunch of poker afficionados to hang out with a well known poker player. I just receieved the agenda for the weekend and we are having a poker tournament in the VIP room at Caesar's on Saturday afternoon. Now Carol has played in a couple of tournaments we've had with the kids at home but it is safe to say she has never played a serious game. Talk about diving headfirst into the deep end. Caesar's is one of the top casinos in the world and their new poker room is state of the art. Let's just say that if she can pull out a good showing it will be the ultimate beginner's luck story.

Health wise things seem to be on track. I am riding to work and playing soccer. Soccer has been going reasonably well. We're 1-0-1 so far this season with 6 goals for and 1 against. Seeing as I play the pivotal role on defence I think my contributions thus far have been effective.

I'm going to try and get out to play some cards tonight - we'll see how the evening shakes out. If I am going to do anything well this weekend I need to get in some more practice. Details tomorrow.


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