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Friday, June 02, 2006

Good Night and Great Idea

Went out for card night with the boys last night. I met quite a few new faces, some better than others. I played solidly, maxing out on my good hands, laying down well and winning one all-in semi bluff for $180.

The table was friendly, fast and fun. I did the bank and when I cashed out at 1:00 it balanced to the penny.

Laying in bed after playing I had an epiphany for PariVici (or maybe ParVici). Each category will be handled by a moderator. Each moderator will recieve a portion of the 'rake' per the affiliate system. As the site grows moderators will be able to subdivide their category, have sub-moderators, and collect a portion of their earnings.


Hours Played 6
Net winnings +$380
Hours Played 155
Year to date net of expenses + $4431.00
Hourly rate + $28.59


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