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Friday, June 16, 2006

Fight Night

I dropped in on the club around 2 am last night hoping to get in a few hands but the game had already broken. Probably just as well as I was a little incapacitated from the evening we had experienced.

We had been invited out by some friends to a charity boxing event. It turned out to be a pretty cool evening – lots of glittery people, decent food and even a couple of entertaining boxing matches. Between bouts there were live auctions of memorabilia and our host got involved in bidding on a hockey jersey. He timed the auction perfectly – helping the auctioneer run up the price to more than two thousand dollars before stopping and letting another person on the other side of the room ‘win’ it. Good thing too as they have quite a number of charity hockey jerseys that he has already bought sitting around at home.

Some of our local hockey professionals were sponsoring the event so we collected a few autographs for the kids then headed out with our table to a patio for a few more cocktails. It turns out that some of the other guests were close friends with other friends of ours. The world really is a pretty small place.

This weekend Carol is doing a triathalon. It’s a team event so she is doing the water portion – which in this case involves canoeing. Tonight I have a soccer game (2-0-1 on the season so far) and we have a family dinner on Sunday. Apart from that it is a fairly quiet weekend though I may try and organize a dinner party for Saturday night.


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