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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pretty Beat

Just helped Marcia with studying for a math exam. The kid has it cold and boy math is much more intense than when I was in high school.

I managed to play an hour or two last night after a charity golf tournament. I'm looking forward to playing lots of golf in later life . . .

Hours Played 2
Net winnings +$125
Hours Played 167
Year to date net of expenses + $5036.00
Hourly rate + $30.15

Pretty Beat

Just helped Marcia with studying for a math exam. The kid has it cold and boy math is much more intense than when I was in high school.

I managed to play an hour or two last night after a charity golf tournament. I'm looking forward to playing lots of golf in later life . . .

Hours Played 2
Net winnings +$125
Hours Played 167
Year to date net of expenses + $5036.00
Hourly rate + $30.15

Friday, June 16, 2006

Fight Night

I dropped in on the club around 2 am last night hoping to get in a few hands but the game had already broken. Probably just as well as I was a little incapacitated from the evening we had experienced.

We had been invited out by some friends to a charity boxing event. It turned out to be a pretty cool evening – lots of glittery people, decent food and even a couple of entertaining boxing matches. Between bouts there were live auctions of memorabilia and our host got involved in bidding on a hockey jersey. He timed the auction perfectly – helping the auctioneer run up the price to more than two thousand dollars before stopping and letting another person on the other side of the room ‘win’ it. Good thing too as they have quite a number of charity hockey jerseys that he has already bought sitting around at home.

Some of our local hockey professionals were sponsoring the event so we collected a few autographs for the kids then headed out with our table to a patio for a few more cocktails. It turns out that some of the other guests were close friends with other friends of ours. The world really is a pretty small place.

This weekend Carol is doing a triathalon. It’s a team event so she is doing the water portion – which in this case involves canoeing. Tonight I have a soccer game (2-0-1 on the season so far) and we have a family dinner on Sunday. Apart from that it is a fairly quiet weekend though I may try and organize a dinner party for Saturday night.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back from our trip to Vegas

We're got back from Vegas yesterday morning. It was quite the trip - if you're going to be in Vegas I highly reccomend you do it in the company of one of the most successful gamblers in the world :) Follow the link for all the details.

Losing two nights sleep in a row played a bit of havoc with my system so yesterday afternoon I decided to take a nap. I was so out of it I didn't even realize the cleaning ladies were busy working around me!

Later that evening we had multiple soccer games to go to. Little Cindy was playing and had a breakaway on net. She kicked the ball as hard as she could, cleanly beating the other team's 'keeper, only to have the ball stop rolling right on the goal line. The sidelines went crazy yelling at both her and the 'keeper to get the ball while the two little girls just stood there looking at it. After what seemed like ages (but was probably no more than 10 seconds), another defender came swooping in and cleared it out. One of these days she'll get one!

After soccer and bedtime rituals Carol and I decided to chill out with a DVD. We popped in an oldie, Gandhi, which I had never seen before. It probably wasn't the best choice for a night when I was already tired as it ran more than 3 hours but if you haven't seen it I highly reccomend it if for nothing more than the absolutely stunning performance by Ben Kingsley in the title role. (Note: Just checked - it won 8 Oscars including Best Actor. I can't argue with the academy's choice on that one). As a tech executive that deals with Indian companies on a regular basis I am somewhat ashamed to admit that my watching of that film comprises the sum total of my knowledge of the life of Gandhi. Considering India's position in the world today and the film's depiction of the influence he had in the development of modern India I owe it to myself to further my education. If anyone has a book they recommend on the topic please let me know.

Tonight will be a quiet night as will the rest of this week. The only event we are scheduled for is a charity boxing event on Thursday (spectating not participating). Looking forward the weekend is empty! I wonder what trouble we can get into?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nothing too exciting

Made the trek to play in the tournament - I need the practice to get ready for the weekend.

Busted out of the tournament early - not from lack of skill but because the first prize was only $150 - and the play was sooo slow. Also there was a juicy cash game starting up and I wanted to grab a seat.

Some old new faces in the game - Mr. Sub and friend. Sam and Bboy, Couch, Smiley and new guy made up the table. I was pumped, then proceeded to lose my first $80 in a heartbeat. I rebought, then proceeded to get cold decked for the rest of the evening. I ran two bluffs successfully and also won a bit on a flush draw call getting 5:1 on my money. Most of the time though was fold, call - fold, check - fold, fold fold fold fold.

Time for bed.

Hours Played 4
Net winnings +$60
Hours Played 165
Year to date net of expenses + $4911.00
Hourly rate + $29.86

Well I went out last night . . .

To tell the truth it's actually still tonight - though late into tomorrow by the hour clock.

It was a fun night. I had dry cards almost all night. I did hit AA, KK and QQ each once - and each one held up! I also hit three sets of which one was cracked by a flush draw without the right odds to draw. The big thing was I didn't donk off my chips at all. I stayed solid and conservative - winning or having good cards with each showdown.

I had an interesting hand that set up a profitable play later in the evening. I found pocket nines in middle position. I entered raising with my standard bet. I had several callers but everyone to the button folded so I was always last to bet. The flop came J x x with two clubs. Checks around and I quickly bet $20. Fold fold to Sam, the erstwhile host and proprietor of the establishment. Sam had a huge stack - at least $800 in front of him. He calls - as he is wont to do. Turn was a Kh. Sam checks to me, and sensing trouble, I check back. River's nothing, Sam looks at me, checks, and I flip over my nines. He nods acknowledgement that I was at least showing some strength, then wins the pot with his QJ. The interesting part came about an hour later.

The place had emptied, Angus, Smiley, Sarge and a few come and goes had all busted out and headed home. I was late position and found Q7, both clubs. Ninety eight times out of one hundred I throw it away right there. This time I enter raising. Fold, fold, call, call, call, including Sam - who wil have to act before me. Flop is J 9 3 with two clubs amd a heart. Check, check, bet from Sam, $5, call, I raise to $20. Fold, insignificant new guy calls, Sam calls, fold. Turn is another heart. Check, Sam, looking a little uneasy, bets $50. I hem and haw and finally call - looking to raise on the river on any club. The river falls a heart though Sam immediately checks. I am caught off balance a bit and am playing with my chips. To give my self a moment I break down the stack of blacks I am riffling into bet sized chunks. Then, bursting with anticipation, I push $60 into the pot. Sam overtly shudders - $60 is actually pretty small here - and it is setting off all kinds of warning bells. I don't generally bluff - a fact he is well aware of - and I could conceivably have all kinds of hands that could beat him here. He talks out loud to himself, remembering all the times I had shown down hands. Finally he mucks for want of a $60 call into a $208 pot, after thoroughly convincing himself that he was beaten.

I smiled, enigmatically, and mucked my hand, and dragged the chips.

Not a feat to be attempted lightly, or often.

All in all a great buildup for the weekend. Kudos to Carol for helping me find time to practice. The big tournament in Vegas is only a few days away.

Hours Played 6
Net winnings +$420
Hours Played 161
Year to date net of expenses + $4851.00
Hourly rate + $30.13

Monday, June 05, 2006

More details on life

The airline industry has recently been cutting back on the number of flight they operate in a bid to boost profits. While I applaud the macroeconomic and environmental aspects of this strategy I have to admit that this is one area of productivity gain that is hitting me right in the middle seat. Airplanes are decidely more crowded these days. My strategy of flying economy on red eyes has backfired recently. I used to be able to guarantee myself a complete row but lately all I am guaranteed is a middle seat in a non-reclining aisle. Time to start using that online advance seat selection option.

I am going to be busy planning my summer this week. We have quite a bit happening over the next few months. The first event is a short trip into Vegas this weekend. Carol and I are heading down with a bunch of poker afficionados to hang out with a well known poker player. I just receieved the agenda for the weekend and we are having a poker tournament in the VIP room at Caesar's on Saturday afternoon. Now Carol has played in a couple of tournaments we've had with the kids at home but it is safe to say she has never played a serious game. Talk about diving headfirst into the deep end. Caesar's is one of the top casinos in the world and their new poker room is state of the art. Let's just say that if she can pull out a good showing it will be the ultimate beginner's luck story.

Health wise things seem to be on track. I am riding to work and playing soccer. Soccer has been going reasonably well. We're 1-0-1 so far this season with 6 goals for and 1 against. Seeing as I play the pivotal role on defence I think my contributions thus far have been effective.

I'm going to try and get out to play some cards tonight - we'll see how the evening shakes out. If I am going to do anything well this weekend I need to get in some more practice. Details tomorrow.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Good Night and Great Idea

Went out for card night with the boys last night. I met quite a few new faces, some better than others. I played solidly, maxing out on my good hands, laying down well and winning one all-in semi bluff for $180.

The table was friendly, fast and fun. I did the bank and when I cashed out at 1:00 it balanced to the penny.

Laying in bed after playing I had an epiphany for PariVici (or maybe ParVici). Each category will be handled by a moderator. Each moderator will recieve a portion of the 'rake' per the affiliate system. As the site grows moderators will be able to subdivide their category, have sub-moderators, and collect a portion of their earnings.


Hours Played 6
Net winnings +$380
Hours Played 155
Year to date net of expenses + $4431.00
Hourly rate + $28.59

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 9097825

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A billion dollar idea.

I have been watching the proliferation of Web 2.0 startups closely and have noticed a common thread in most of their business plans. It appears they have settled on an advertising model as their revenue source. Now I concede that Google et al have shown that advertising can be a lucrative business – in fact our major TV networks have been ad supported for years – however in the crowded world of the web having another way to make money should be very important.

I may have mentioned this previously so bear with me. The plan has been thought about and refined many times since I originally developed the concept.

People are creative. People are competitive. The web encourages collaboration and creativity among groups of geographically dispersed users with common interests. Our platform – PariVici – will allow users to create, compete and win.

The name of the site is derived from the Latin Pario , meaning to create, and vici , meaning to win.

Users select categories, level of competiton (defined by the amount of money they are willing to invest to enter) and then create an original submission. Each competition operates in a Sit n Go manner meaning there are a defined number of entries accepted and once those have been received the entries are closed and competition begins. Entrants progress through several stages culminating in an award level paying the top entrants.

An example:

In the photography, sports, $5 competition. The tournament launches with 90 spots available. Each entrant submits their photo and pays a $5 entry fee. Once 90 entries have been received the contest begins.

Registered members click on the ongoing tournaments tab, then select the categor(ies) they wish to vote on. Each voter is served a selection of entries from that tournament and ranks their preference of the submissions. An algorithm to ensure that each entry is shown an equal number of times is employed.

After the system determines that enough votes have been cast to ensure a statistically reliable result the tournament moves to the next stage. In the example above the top 10% (9 entries) based on votes garnered in the preliminary stage make the tournament ‘final table’.

Registered visitors can now click on a ‘final table’ tab for this tournament and be shown all of the remaining entries. At this point the voting is reset and each entry starts as an equal favorite. Each visitor can bet for the entry they believe to be the winner. Bets will range from $1.00 to a maximum of the entry fee of the tournament – in this case $5.00.
Betting will remain open for a set period of time. After the betting closes all wagers will be tabulated. The entry with the most money wagered on it will win first, second most second and so on.

Payouts will be made two ways:

For contestants – they will receive prize money based on their finish position. In this example first will receive $135, second $90, third $67.50, fourth $45, fifth $33.75 and sixth will win $22.50

For bettors they will be paid out based on the amount of their wager, finish position of the entry they wagered on and total amount of money wagered on this contest. They payouts will be calculated based on pari-mutuel rules – exactly the same way horse racing payouts are calculated.

The house will make money in two ways. First we will keep a small percentage of the entry fees for each tournament. Second we will take a small commission on each wager placed.

Tournament categories will be seeded by the site but users will also have the ability to create new categories for competition. Current categories include:

Microsoft Paint creations
Jokes/Funny stories

Winning entries will make the front page.