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Monday, May 01, 2006

When the going gets tough . . .

Honestly I’m not too sure what to write today – I just had the urge to commit virtual pen to virtual paper. I guess I’ll start with some good news – I booked another order on Friday bringing my fiscal year to a nice close. Now I can look forward an entire year before the stress begins again. I also started my exercise regime in earnest. My plan is to ride to work (or home from work) while Carol does the other leg of the trip. Luckily we work in close proximity to each other (and live at the same houseJ) so this should work out quite well. Check back with me in 2 months for a progress report. For the record my starting weight is 199lbs. Goal – 180lbs. Shouldn’t be too hard as I was at 180 only six months ago. The extra twenty is a combination of a subsidized cafeteria, virtually unlimited expense account and the fact that I quit going to the gym right around six months ago!

No poker update for today – at least not the cash game type. I did get an email from Party Poker informing me that they had kindly donated $20 to my dormant account. OK says I. So I logged on and played about 40 minutes of short handed $25 no limit. I now have $70 in the account. Time to retire!

I do have a stressful meeting coming up this week . . . I need to go to Jan and Peter’s school to give a speech on what I do for a living. I suspect I should focus on the company I work for and what they do. I have a feeling that explaining the strategic investment of corporate R&D resources on appropriate projects may not excite the kids too much. Since my company is involved in designing high end television and graphics chips I’ll stick to cool pictures of chips and leave out all the boring finance and legal stuff that I actually spend my time on.

That’s it for now – perhaps next blog I’ll post an excerpt from my new novel.


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