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Friday, May 12, 2006

They stole my idea! – Well not really.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I find ideas pop into my head on a regular basis. One idea that I had was just validated by Skype – the internet telephone company that was bought by Ebay for billions of dollars last year.

Skype is now launching Skypecasts – essentially a platform where you can invite a group of people to an online town hall meeting. Great idea – I had a better one 6 months ago.

My idea involves allowing everyone to join the town hall by videoconference. Looking at your computer screen you would see a mass of little ovals – each one with a static picture of the participant. As the floor recognizes someone to speak – their oval swells and the video feed goes live so everyone can see and hear the speaker. Other neat touches would include a shout down function – enough listeners hit their virtual boo button and the speaker gets hustled from the podium; perhaps a vote or secret ballot function to help in translating the talking into action; and of course all the other collaboration and archiving features that are commonplace in forums these days.

The real key though is the ability to bring together geographically dispersed groups of like minded people by giving them the ability to organize and customize the experience. As to the $64,000 question – we make money by selling the information we mine.

Yeah yeah, weak business plan. Perhaps we just sell ads through Google like everyone else.

A big apology goes out to my hundreds of dedicated readers – I have been negligent in updating this little bit of the blogosphere lately. For those of you interested in the dark, degenerate poker side of life I have managed to sneak in two sessions over the last couple of weeks. Let’s see. Thursday last was a blah kind of night. Close enough to break even on the night to not matter much – and beyond that no interesting hands or confrontations. That is with the exception of Doctor Frank. I believe the words ‘social retard’ were directed in his general direction. He immediately jumped up and demanded satisfaction in the parking lot – which to his surprise his tormentor was more than willing to give. A quick trip out – bing bang boom – game continues apace.

Last night was a bit of a different story. We played short handed almost all night. The only time the table filled up occurred when two young guys sat down – with $20 each as a bankroll. I knew they weren’t long for the action when one of them warned us that he had been playing lots of online poker as practice – and that he would try and take it easy on us. He busted out in the first hand – and not on a bad beat.

We settled at a core group – Doc, Sarge, Bboy, Smiley and myself. Lord Fop was also in – he made an impression on me the last few times we played hence his elevation to named status. He is an older guy with a clipped English accent and a way of wearing a golf shirt with a little style. If you squint you can see the cravat and smoking jacket just dying to come out of the wardrobe.

The action was pretty light. I lost a bundle when my pocket aces were cracked by a King high flush – and another bundle on a failed attempt to bluff another King high flush off of a pot. Apart from that I played quite well. Interestingly enough the big hands that I made serious money on were hands like 5-4 (boated up), 5-2 (drew an A to 5 straight on the turn), 6-2 (hit trip sixes on the flop) and 10-2 (two pair on the flop). Hands were I won the pot – but with no action were AA (flopped my set of aces – everyone folded to my half pot size bet) and 66 (flopped a set and rivered quads – only got $15 out of the hand). If nothing else my opponents should learn not to let the big blind see a free flop!

The single biggest hand of the evening came against Lord Fop. I found KQo on the button. A good player – who had just sat down a few orbits ago – made it $10 to go UTG. Lord Fop to my right called and I decided to see the flop. It came out K 7 4 with two clubs – just about as good as I could possibly ask. The good player had only just started playing and didn’t have much of a stack – Lord Fop had about $100 back. Good checked and Fop forcefully put $20 into the pot. The way he bet, and evidence from a couple of previous hands, led me to believe he was on a draw and was just trying to by the pot. I debated for a second and then pushed my chips in. Good insta folded and Fop stupidly decided to call. Sure enough he had two clubs – and the turn and river blanked for him as they would be wont to do. I was able to drag a nice pot – and bust the Lord for the evening.

Hours Played 8 (two sessions)
Net winnings +$185
Hours Played 149
Year to date net of expenses + $4051.00
Hourly rate + $27.18


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