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Monday, May 29, 2006

Back in Training

Some recent events have caused Carol and I to take a small step back and evaluate some lifestyle choices. Without going into details let’s just say that we have some habits that we are not happy about – both from an example setting perspective as well as a health point of view.

Rather than make grand plans to change the world overnight we have decided to take some baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The first order of business is to eat a bit better. It’s not only a good thing for ours and the kid’s health – it’s also a money saving plan. The strategy is for me to plan the week’s meals – and Carol will buy the groceries to meet the menu. No more scrambling to figure out supper at 6:00pm and then caving and ordering pizzas.

The second strategy is to cut back on casual drinking. We’ve found that the presence of wine and beer in the house is, surprise surprise, causing us to drink it. The solution to that problem is to give up buying alcohol for home use. We’re not going to be foolish and decide to quit drinking – neither of us is an alcoholic by any stretch – but not having it around will cut back on the casual glasses of wine or beers on the patio that were becoming a little too much of a habit.

The final strategy is to pump up the exercise regime a bit. We’ve been playing sports and working out for years – it’s just that the last six months have found us not doing as much as we were in the past and the results have shown – at least on me. Not to be a cliché but my goal is to drop 20 pounds putting me back where I was this time twelve months ago. I have a feeling the first 10 will melt away just from cutting down on the frosties so I am giving myself two weeks to lose the first 10 and then another month to drop the last 10. Check back in often for progress reports. Gut check today – 204 pounds. (My goal is actually 180 but 20 pounds sounds much more attainable than 24 )


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