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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Travel travel travel

The next few months are going to be interesting. Between now and the end of June I will be in San Francisco, LA, Austin, Dallas, Boston, New Jersey, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle and last but not least - Vegas. Whew. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Travel is one of those things that appears exciting - but only to those who don't do it! In reality travelling is a pain in the butt. I think that one reason airlines continue with their super costly frequent flyer programs is to keep people like me from throwing up our hands and saying "Enough!". Somehow it makes the last leg of a 24hr trip go a little easier knowing that you've just added 5000 points to your airline account.

Most of my trips in the next two months are work related, with two exceptions. I'm going to Vancouver at the end of June to visit family and I'm bringing the family and possibly Huck too. The other trip that is on my time is Vegas. I'm going to spend a weekend with a professional poker player - maybe I can teach him a thing or two...

Speaking of poker I've put in two sessions since I last blogged. Neither went well which seems to be my lot in life these days. I lost a total of $220 over the two sessions - I guess on the bright side the losses do include my food and drink expenses. No hands really stand out - in fact it seemed the only hands I won were places where I sucked out on someone on the river - and the big hands I lost happened when I pushed with a huge lead only to have someone suck out on me. Oh well. It happens. I might go back tonight and see if I can turn things around!

Hours Played 7
Net winnings -$220
Hours Played 137
Year to date net of expenses + $3346.00
Hourly rate + $24.42


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