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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Quiet Night in the Old Town

Perhaps quiet is not the right word. Loud and raucous may be a better description. Monday night found me back in my chair, staring down at Sarge, Sam, Angus, Bboy and Smiley. Moose was there for the short term and gave me the best laugh I’ve had in many a week.

Seems old Moosie has been spending far too much time with the boys and way to little with the missus. Now Moose is no spring chicken – he’s 75 if he’s a day – nor is he anyone’s idea of a model of fitness. His idea of exercise is walking outside to have a smoke. So here’s old Moose, under strict orders to be home at 9pm. The clock ticks along and 9pm comes and goes. Moose decides he’s going to stay and play – then makes the mistake of phoning the boss from the table to ‘tell’ her he’s staying. Instead the conversation goes something like, “Hi Honey – I know I’m late already but ….. but ….. but ….. well can I stay until 9:30? …… but …….. but dear …… well can I stay for 15 more minutes . . . . . . please can I stay for 10 minutes more?” We were all busting a gut trying to keep the laughter in. Sarge cracks the best line, “Moose! You’re 75 years old – you might not even wake up in the morning! What the *$%# are you asking permission for at this point?

All in all in was a casual game – Sarge hit his 3 outer on the river with me twice – cost me about $250 in those hands. Still I stayed cool – played speculative hands only in position – pushed when I thought I had an edge – and was able to build my way back up. After being down over $300 I was able to win a couple of juicy pots and bank a positive result by the time the rooster’s started crowing. Long night – bad cards – still won a few bucks. I’d say my game is improving!

Hours Played 6Net winnings +$20.00Hours Played 130Year to date net of expenses + $3566.00Hourly rate + $27.43


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