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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Life of Leisure

I’ve spent this week traveling around the U.S. Nothing unusual in that except for the fact that this trip has seen every single freakin’ flight I was on either delayed, diverted or outright cancelled. Somehow my meeting schedule hasn’t been messed up – it was only my sleeping time that got cut short. I remember early in my career thinking that travel was glamorous and exciting - now I know better.

Enough complaining for now as things are actually going quite well in life. Carol is her usual positive and fun self, all the little Brady’s are either healthy or recovering from illness, my big deal at work closed on schedule and I have a weekend of fun and debauchery awaiting my return. I’m actually thinking of cutting the trip short and bugging out for home Thursday night – hope I don’t catch Carol in bed with someone – unless of course the someone is a tasty blonde! (heh heh heh)

Precious little has happened on the poker front this week. I did manage to drop by the Main for a quick drink earlier in the week and found a game in progress with an empty seat. With quick glance at my watch, some creative mental arithmetic and a plausible cover story in hand I convinced myself I had time to sit in for an hour. Good thing. I won the first hand I played, then the second and then found AK offsuit in the cutoff position. After my standard raise both Moose and Sarge decided to see the flop with me. It came out rags and I laid down my big slick after a mini-bet from Moose. Good thing I did lay it down as the turn came out a bullet! Sarge was short-stacked and pushed it all in – Moose wasted no time in calling and flipped over a set – Sarge showed two pair ace high. Possible disaster averted by me!

I was very good at getting up and leaving when I supposed to. I got a few dirty looks for my hit and run but heh – deal with it.

Hours Played 1
Net winnings +$120.00

Hours Played 114.5Year to date net of expenses + $3051.00Hourly rate + $26.64

Breaking news. My flight landed really late – Carol would already be asleep by the time I made my drive home from the airport. Sounded like a time for POKER!

I swung by the Main a little after midnight and found a game in full swing. Within 10 minutes Callin’ Jr. gave up his seat and I was able to play. The regular crew was there, Angus Young, Moose, Doc, Sarge, B-Boy, the Captain and a new guy who was sitting with a big stack. I sat down and played my regular TAG game and completely blew through the new guys stack. Bing bang boom. In and out in less than an hour (the game broke up at 1am) with a nice $140 score. Come on back new guy – I’ll even give you a name for next time.

Hours Played 1
Net winnings +$140.00

Hours Played 115.5Year to date net of expenses + $3191.00
Hourly rate + $27.63


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