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Friday, April 14, 2006

It's always easier to write about good news.

The roadshow continued this last week but I perservered and made it out for two full nights of play.

Tuesday found me showing up late, well after the kids were in bed. I had to hang around for a seat and was on the verge of leaving when one magically opened. I don't know if it was fatigue or just plain ennui but I found myself never really into the game. No hands stand out and after all the dust settled I was $35 to the negative after 3 hours of play.

I organized my schedule around an early arrival on Thursday - pumped to put in some hours. Unfortunately I was totally card dead for a big chunk of the evening. In an eight handed game I went from 8 pm to 11:30 pm without dragging a single pot. The good news is I never dropped my chipstack below my buy in over those long hours, leaving me well positioned to take advantage when the cards turned. And turn they did.

By that time the table was mainly the regular bunch; Doc, Sarge, Moose, Angus, Pooh, B-boy and a new guy who talked kinda funny but who I thought was a little smarter than he was making out to be. In keeping with tradition he will remain nameless until he earns the right to a name but if that day comes I have a good one in mind. Needless to say he busted out after 4 or 5 hours leaving at least $300 on the table.

My big hand of the evening came when I drew AQoffsuit in the small blind. I bumped it preflop and had three callers. Flop came Q x x and I was off to the races. I threw out a $20 bet into the $33 pot and had moose and the newb call. Moose was in front of me and newb was dealing. The turn was a blank. I bet out $40 and Moose raised me $40 more. Newb folded and I decided to just call - there was no way of knowing but Moose could have easily made two pair - he'll play any two cards. The turn was another blank and I decided to test him - I threw in $60 - prepared to throw it away if he raised - but the big guy hemmed and hawed - then finally called only to get outkicked by my ace. Nice hand for me as I was able to drag about $350 - almost doubling up.

The rest of the night I was able to keep it under control - making more well considered laydowns than normal. At the close of business I found myself up $390 - not great but a positive result.

Hours Played 9.5
Net winnings +$355.00

Hours Played 124
Year to date net of expenses + $3546.00
Hourly rate + $28.60


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