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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A very bizarre evening . . .

This was Huck's last day on his mini-trip. He went with Jan to the local ski hill for the school field trip. Both of them had a blast and couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had.

After a quick supper and a nuclear meltdown with Marcia (still to be dealt with), we decided to spend the last night of his trip down at the club - Tuesday's are tournament night and tonight was the final of the winter league. We got there in time to grab the last two seats at the cash game - only to find out that it was all the final table players from the tournament league, waiting for the last satellite to play down and award the final two seats at the championsip table. Perhaps, thought I, it would be time to adjust my play somewhat.

With the exception of Sam, the proprietor, and bet big Pete, the rest of the table were younger players who seemed to have a pretty solid grasp on the game. Right off the bat I decided to present a wild and crazy image and ran an outrageous bluff - tossing away $60 on a busted open ender. The next orbit I found pocket kings but had no takers for my $10 raise. Finally, down about $150 I found rockets in late position and was able to raise all in preflop with one caller. He turned over K10o, my hand held up and I was back to even. I started playing tight until our table broke up when the championship tourney table got underway, finishing that segment down $14. After a short break we got a new game going with me, Huck, Moose, and GQ - Smiley, Sam and DOG (drunk obnoxious guy) all sat down a little bit later - quiet man might have been there too but I can't remember :) Right off the bat I found myself stuck for my entire pocket money - down $300. I had to borrow some money off GQ just to stay in the game, which is probably a habit to avoid. Luckily I was playing reasonably well and since I avoid drinking I was able to stay focussed and on toop of my game. From 9 pm until about 4 am I was unable to get anything going but then, as they are wont to do, the cards turned in my favor. I found pocet aces, AQs that hit a boat, suited connectors that made a straight flush and pocket queens that held up, all between 4am and 7am, at which time the game finally broke. As the dust settled I found myself with a fairly good stack - and the prospect of a long day ahead in the real world.

Played From 9:00 pm to 7:00 am – 10 hours
Winnings (Net of Expenses) + $1025.00
Hourly Rate +$102.50

Hours Played 91.5
Year to date net of expenses + $3401.00
Hourly rate + $37.16


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