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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Throw your television in the tar pit . . .

You can keep the display portion but the idea that we’ll all sit around a TV set watching the same thing at the same time is deader than the dinosaurs. Rumors of this have abounded for years but were officially confirmed earlier this week.

MTV – the former outlet for music videos – has licensed Canada’s CTV to rebrand a moribund digital channel known as TalkTV to MTV Canada. OK – so what’s the big deal. The issue is Canada’s CRTC – their equivalent of the FCC. Seems that the TalkTV license only allows for certain types of programming which will prevent MTV Canada from showing quite a few of MTV’s most popular and successful programs – Stripperella anyone? No problem says CTV brass. We broadcast what we’re allowed to on the TV channel – and stream all the rest through our CTV.ca website – we were mostly interested in the content anyway – the delivery mechanism is secondary.

The words above are mine – the CTV honcho wasn’t quite so cavalier. I believe his words were some marketing speak like “surround our customers with content options” but the reality is clear. No longer are the key demographic for MTV (read teenagers) hooked on televisions for their entertainment fix. They get it through their PCs and increasingly, through their cellphones. These mediums, BTW, do not have clumsy restrictions like content ratings, oversight bodies, codes of conduct and other impediments to making bucks that the big old TV dinosaurs have to contend with.

Oh for the days when the whole country watched the Cosby Show at exactly the same time. . .

(Sarcasm warning for those of you who didn’t quite get that)


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