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Monday, March 06, 2006

The tale of the choking dog

A friend of mine with whom I used to be close once described me as a very lucky person. He used to tell a story about me having just an absolutely horrible, foul day, storming out of the house in a black mood, and coming across a mangy dog lying in the middle of the road. In my nasty mood I would kick this poor mutt, only to dislodge a bone from its throat, saving the dog’s life. The dog would turn out to be the prize pet of some eccentric millionaire who would then shower me with reward money.

Personally I disagree with him. I must admit that I have been fortunate in life. I have healthy, intelligent and reasonably well behaved children. I have a supportive and loving spouse and I have a comfortable standard of living. No manna has yet fallen from heaven for me though. The rewards I have gained in life have come through effort – which is not to say I’m the hardest working person in the world but I know when to work hard and when to have fun. A great deal of effort in life is expended in pursuit of meaningless goals. Whenever I am working on something I ask myself whether the effort I am making is worth the reward – if not then I just don’t bother doing it. It is amazing how much I can accomplish by just ignoring the inconsequential.

This weekend turned out to be a bit of fun. I managed to get out to play some hold’em on Friday. The boys were chomping at the bit to get some of their money back – seems they think I was a little unfair to their pocketbooks the other night. The game never really got going though. We had myself, Brad, Smiley, PoohBear, Birthdayboy and a new guy so we played six handed for most of the night. With the exception of Smiley and Brad I hadn’t played against the other guys before. For the first few orbits I just sat back and watched and it seemed they played more or less textbook with the exception of Pooh who was just plain bad. I jumped in and started raising with position only to get called by the new guy when I was stealing with 47 diamonds. He woke up with AKhearts but luckily I spiked a seven and was off to the races. I was up about $150 for most of the evening right through to the last hand. We had agreed to end at 1 am and I was sitting in the big blind with Q6 offsuit and was able to see a free flop with two limpers and the small blind. The flop came 66J. The small blind checked, I bet out the pot ($8), and got two callers. The turn was an 8. The small blind had folded so I was first to act. I wanted to take the hand down right there so I bet out the pot again ($32) which left me with about $100. Smiley thought for a second and pushed all in – he had about $50 – and birthday boy – who was up about $500 at that point and who had been pushing the table around for the last hour or so – came over the top all in. At that point I was 100% confident I had the best hand and it took me about a millisecond to call. Once we sorted out the side pot we flipped cards and sure enough Smiley was drawing to 2 outs with top pair and the birthday boy had a 9 10. I was looking really good but as luck would have it the river came a 7 to make the b-boys straight – the fat lady had sung. Birthday cashed out the bank and the rest of us left empty handed. Fortunately I had only bought in for $20 and I can tell the boys I had another losing session! Smiley, Brad and the new guy were each in for $120 and Pooh dropped $180 so it was a nice $560 parting gift for the birthday boy.

Played From 9:00 pm to 1:00 am – 4 hoursWinnings (Net of Expenses) - $20.00Hourly Rate - $5.00Hours Played 95.5Year to date net of expenses + $33381.00Hourly rate + $35.40


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