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Friday, March 24, 2006

Back on Track!!!

I showed up at the Main with a renewed sense of confidence. I have no idea where it came from as this hasn’t exactly been a week of triumphs but it was there nonetheless. Thursdays are turning out to be a hopping night – I walked in just before 6pm and was lucky to get a seat at the feature table. The game was eight-handed almost right from the start, including me there was Sarge, Moose, Callin’, Doc, Happy, Kid Tight and a newb who reminded me of the scary dude in the Goonies – I’ll call him Goonie for lack of a better word!

I got stuck in right away and dropped my first $40 before starting a long slow run up. There were a couple of key hands through the night; one where I was on the button and had A6o. I saw a cheap flop that came AA9. Bingo! Checks around to Goonie on my right who, without hesitation, pushed his entire stack in the middle. Now my first thought was to just throw my hand away but I decided to take my time and think it out. No one had raised preflop, and I had seen Goonie raise big with a naked ace as well as a small pocket pair. The other thing was his bet – most people with trip aces and a good kicker tend to check the flop hoping to induce action on the turn. With that in mind I put him on a 9 and called – hoping for a caller or two behind me. No such luck as it was folds all around leaving a pot of about $65 for us to fight over. Goonie looked a little sick and flipped over 34o!!! What a moron!

He proceeded to rebuy a couple more times – only to be stacked by both Sarge and Doc. Feel free to come back anytime dude – make sure you watch a few more episodes of the World Poker Tour – I think the lessons are starting to sink in!

My night was moving along well – I was really focused on fixing my major leak – the crying calls when I know I am beat but just have too much emotionally invested in the pot to let it go. I was also being a lot better about my starting hand selection as I have a tendency to loosen my opening requirements once I have built a stack. I have found that starting hands like QJo and 9 10 off are very expensive – often making very good, but second best hands.

In the entire six hour session I made only one glaring error that I can think of. Holding 52clubs in the big blind I was able to see a free flop which came 5 2 K rainbow. Uh oh. No slow play for me – I bet out the pot ($12) and got 2 callers. Turn is another 5 filling out my very well disguised boat. Since it was Doc and Moose in the hand with me I decided to keep betting to represent the K and pushed $40 into the pot. Both of them called! Still – I wasn’t worried at all and was quite happy to take their money. The river came another K and also brought a flush potential to the board. I wouldn’t put it past Moose to chase a backdoor flush draw but Doc is smarter than that. I put him on the K and Moose on either the K or the flush. Here’s the stupid part – somehow I missed the fact that a K gave them a better boat than me! Time to go back to Poker 101 I think. Stupidly I bet $100 into the pot only to be raised (obviously) by Doc and then re-raised by Moose. I then compounded my error by calling! What was I thinking? Well really I wasn’t thinking – the part of my brain that actually reads the cards and figures out what hand beats what had just turned off for a few minutes rest. Of course they both had a king and end up chopping the pot – and my $700 stack is reduced to just over $400. Dummy!

I was able to grind a little bit more and had the stack up around $500 when one of the last hands of the night came down. I was dealt fishhooks (pockets jacks for those of you new to the lingo). The flop came with an A Q x and all spades. One of my jacks was the spade. Turn is a blank – river another spade. By this time we are down to heads up – me and Birthdayboy - who had been playing about an hour. I put a $40 bet out on the river – very confident I had the best hand as only the K of spades could beat me. Birthday immediately came over the top with another $60. I thought and thought about it and eventually figured that he had either the K spades or 10 spades based on the way the hand had developed and I was 50-50 on which it was. Since the pot had over $200 in it already and it was only $60 to call I felt I had to make the call. Sure enough he was sitting on the king and I lost but at least I feel that I thought the problem through and made a good value decision.

In the end I booked a decent win – my food and bar tab was a little high tonight and I did tip Ms. Hottie well – but the net net was still $250 to the positive.

On a more serious note I have been following the Roe vs Wade for men case from the fringes. For those of you who don’t know it basically some 20something dude slept with this girl. She freely admits to telling this guy that she was both infertile and on the pill (hello! Alarm bells anyone?) and so sure enough ends up pregnant. He, understandably, is not thrilled with the idea of being a father at that point in his life and would prefer her to terminate the pregnancy or put the baby up for adoption. She decides to keep the baby, has it, then proceeds to sue for and win child support.

I keep flip flopping on my opinion in this case. Essentially the dude wants to wash his hands of the affair and is arguing that he was left with no say in the matter of the kid’s existence. On the woman’s side she now has this child who will need ‘stuff’ and no matter what the dude is paying the woman is sacrificing more to raise the child. It is an interesting dilemma and not one easily solved. There are valid arguments to be made on both sides – i.e. just because the women is the ‘container’ to gestate the child does that give her final say in every aspect of the child’s life? What about if the dude wins the case – and then the child grows up and wants to know her biological father. Doesn’t he then get the benefit of the hard work put in by the mother without any of the effort?

I guess the really smart thing to do is abstain from sex – or go get a vasectomy – or get the industry to develop a really good male contraceptive (Condoms anyone?)

My two cents – dude hasn’t got a hope in hell of winning. If he did it would open a Pandora’s box that we our justice system just doesn’t care to open.

Have a great weekend.


Hours Played 6
Net + $250.00

Hours Played 113.5
Year to date net of expenses + $2931.00
Hourly rate + $25.83


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