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Thursday, February 23, 2006

What comes around goes around

Several weeks ago I mentioned a job opening with my company to an acquaintance of mine and today I noticed that he is in the office interviewing for the job. Considering that about a year ago I helped him land a six-figure job with another company perhaps I should rethink my own occupation and look into becoming a career consultant. I seem to have a knack for understanding people’s motivations and talents and then matching them up with organizational requirements – especially at the senior management level – and my network of executive contacts is pretty good. I’m friendly with more than a couple of Fortune 1000 CEO’s and have cordial relationships with a couple of billionaires (I’m also very close friends with guys who struggle to meet their rent payments and very close with one guy who is currently sleeping on his Mom’s couch!) I have a deal in flight at work and if it crashes and burns I will probably find myself out on the street. Might be something to think about . . .

Today is one of those days that just seems a little grey around the edges. I’m really looking forward to hitting the Main tonight for a little poker with the boys though I have to watch out for the lifestyle issues that come with it. Over the course of a six or seven hour session it can be far too easy to quaff half a dozen pints and I have noticed my weight starting to creep up on me. My six pack abs have turned into a keg over the past three months and even some of my friends have commented. Time to take action!

On a positive note there was a text from Huckleberry waiting for me this morning. His date last night went really well. They ended up back at her place and by all accounts things got a little hot and heavy. Things are looking good for another date with this one and even better, he has a new date tonight with the girl he met on Monday. I swear Huck is like a man who has wandered for forty years in the desert suddenly stumbling into an oasis full of beautiful women. His confidence has skyrocketed and he is really in this virtuous circle. I just hope that he deals well with the inevitable setbacks that are part of everybody’s daily life as that was his downfall in the past. He would take each negative episode and obsess over it rather than focusing and building on each positive development.

On that note I will end today’s missive with my philosophy – life is full of setbacks; learn to look at them as opportunities in disguise!


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