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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Quick Course on Humility

The game just never got into a groove for me last night. Sarge, Brad, Huck and I got it rolling short handed then cajoled Doctor Frank to sit in 'for just one round'. Sure enough we were punished for our evil thoughts on relieving the poor Doctor (who in reality is a wannabe medical student) of the contents of his wallet by the total annihilation of our chipstacks. Doctor F. just kept marching along which in all honesty I don't really mind. You have to exepct to lose on occasion. It is what you take away from the experience to improve your play that really matters.

I did have to run the bank and it came out nice and even which is a satisfying feeling. The biggest drag was the lack of chips in front of me to cash out into it at the end of the night. That's right. Flat busted - me and Huck. Sarge and Brad too. It was a long night.

One thing to take heed of should you ever find yourself reaching out to drag in monster pot after monster pot with your 25 offsuit hitting yet another full house on the turn; do it with a big smile on your face and be happy about it. You won - that's what you are there to do. If you didn't want to win with 25 offsuit then muck the cards and don't play themin the first playce. But if by some miracle you hit the monster board then play the hell out of them and make somebody at the table pay. Just remember that there is nothing worse than being the guy on the other side of the exchange, watching your chips get dragged, and having to listen to you apologize over and over for the beat. You won. Get over it. Just come back and play again!

I try to get better everytime I play - and I really like to use my losing sessions as labs for self improvement. Last night two things stood out. One was the cards. I know that people always blame the cards but in last night's game I did get bad cards. I'm not going to regale anyone with bad beat stories but there were a few. The truth of the matter is though you cannot control the cards you get - you can only play them. The one problem that really stood out in the way I played the cards was my inability to adjust. I was not reading the flow of the game well and adjusting my play to compensate for the new players who came and went. I also made a really bad call with top pair, twice, and lost at least $100 on those hands.

Today is pretty laid back - Carol's working on a project at the office - Bobby's and Greg are at a hockey tournament together - and there is a party tonight. I'm going as Maximus - though I'm not quite in Russell Crowe condition today. Carol was going as Cleopatra but has changed her mind at the last second. How unusual. I fell in love with the only woman in the world who has trouble making up her mind what to wear to a party.


Played From 7:00 pm to 1:00 am – 6 hours
Winnings (Net of Expenses) - $300.00
Hourly Rate -$50.00

Hours Played 81.5
Year to date net of expenses + $2276
Hourly rate + $27.92


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