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Friday, February 24, 2006

The cards were in the air . .

. . . and the beer was being spilled on the table. Last night the Main attracted some serious characters and a few of the regulars found themselves more than a little inebriated. The big winner of the evening – at least at 2:00 am when I packed it in was Doc, who had built his $20 buy in to over $1300 and who had spilled his wine on the cards more than once in the process. It may have been an error to give up my seat when Doc so clearly was ready to see the game through to the dawn but I did have work to do today so over Doc’s protestations I booked out of there at closing time.

We had quite the crowd and our table had a waiting list until well after midnight. Luckily I had stopped in on my way home from work and bought chips and a seat so I was able to walk right in after supper to sit down and play. We had a few of the regulars, Moose, Sarge, Doc and Callin’ were all there along with Callin’s son and a couple of newbs who were clearly thinking they could run all over us and take our money. One of the newbs woke up with pocket aces twice in the first hour and had them hold up both times, managing to accumulate a three or four hundred dollar stack along the way before giving it all back. His buddy, clearly a veteran of the online game, didn’t quite figure out our rules until the end of the night despite projecting an air of smugness and superiority. Between the two of them they walked out down about $20 – which was fine. They at least played in turn and weren’t afraid to gamble a little bit when the circumstances warranted. Gary Larson dropped in toward the end of the evening and donated about a hundred and twenty before going home and then we had LSD man. For about an hour I was sitting in between Doc and LSD who were sniping at each other. Doc I can handle – he’s old and crotchety but he plays well and I can generally put him on hands. LSD was just plain annoying. He had this habit of adjusting the flop cards and persisted on giving me advice – I was tempted to give him advice on how to eat teeth with my knuckles. Luckily the copious amounts of drugs he has ingested in his life have done little to improve his card skills and after about an hour he was busted leaving behind his hundred or so.

I had a couple of key hands – one where I was dealt big slick on the button. Moose raised ten in front of me and I popped it 10 more on top. Sarge smooth called the twenty and Moose called the 10. The flop came Ah Jc 9c. Moose bet out $60. Now at this point Moose had been unusually quiet. Normally he likes to be in pots but for some reason he was a little subdued this evening. I was pretty confident he would have checked a set and I was 50/50 on whether he would have bet so aggressively on AJ or A9 so I bumped him back another 60 making it 120 to Sarge. Now Sarge is generally a winner at this game but just hadn’t gotten it going this evening and was stuck around $500 already. He reluctantly laid his hand down but gave me a look that told me he thought Moose was on a draw. Moose almost instantly saw my $60 and reraised me another $100. I had $103 left at that point. Decision time. If he had AJ or A9 I was meat. Ax of clubs was most likely and in that case I was a favorite – I made Moose sweat for a minute then called and thank the lord he turned over Ac 8c. Turn and River brought bricks and my TPTK held up for a nice $500 pot.

All in all the evening was a success though I don’t think I was on my A game at all. The cards didn’t really run that hot for me; AK twice, couple of low pocket pairs but no sets, hit two flushes that I got paid on. The big thing today was avoiding my normal donk play once I built my stack. I am also quite proud of my discipline for getting up and leaving - I’m working on a big deal here in ‘real’ life and need my wits about me today.

The end result of the night – up $410.00 net of a fairly generous purchase of several drinks for Callin’ and Moose (for saving my seat) and a $20 tip for our hottie waitress. Oh – I’m also proud of my restraint in the indulgence department – only two beers all night and white meat chicken fingers instead of wings! Take that bathroom scale!

Played From 7:00 pm to 2:00 am – 7 hours
Winnings (Net of Expenses) + $410.00
Hourly Rate +$58.57

Hours Played 75.5Year to date net of expenses + $2576
Hourly rate + $34.11


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